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  • Support For Multiple Retail Outlets
  • Local Mode Operations
  • EMV Ready & PCI Compliant Secured Payments
  • Point-of-Sale / Counter Sales
  • Loss Prevention / Detection
  • Customer Quotation
  • Support for Regular, Special and Backorders
  • Inventory Management
  • Merchandise Analysis
  • Loose & Fixed Kit Items Bill of Materials
  • Procurement & Vendor Management
  • Mobile Sales & Inventory
  • Multiple Location & Bin Support
  • Unlimited Barcodes & SKUs

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pair of womens shoes inside box counterpoint retail footstores

Helping Your Footwear Business Achieve Success

NCR Counterpoint Retail POS for Footwear Stores

Mobile Point of Sale

Run your Footwear business from anywhere as you help customers find products, ring up sales and print receipts right on the spot with the P.O.S. Anywhere Mobile Point of Sale app.

eCommerce Integration

CP-Commerce, our eCommerce Integration with Magento, makes it easy to sell Footwear online with the features you need and built on a solid platform that’s designed for growth.

PCI / EMV Payment Security

A secure payment solution for Footwear Stores minimizes your risk for a credit card security breach and addresses the key elements of payment security: storage and transmission of cardholder data.

E-Mail Marketing

Leverage customer information and purchase history from your Footwear Store point of sale system to set up successful, targeted email campaigns.

SMS Store Alerts

Instant text or email alerts to potentially fraudulent situations, Footwear Store operations, and see daily sales figures. Now you can be all places at once.

Mobile Inventory Management

P.O.S. Anywhere Inventory Management is a powerful, simple, portable and accurate mobile solution for inventory and warehouse management for Footwear Stores.

assorted colors shoes sitting on rack in counterpoint retail footwear store

10000 +

Succsessful Customers

NCR Counterpoint SQL Retail Footwear POS System

Counterpoint Retail POS for Footwear

Easy to Use Inventory Management

Track the size, color, and width of an item and its corresponding margin at the dimension level for the footwear inventory.

Increase Your Sales

Increase revenue through our built-in customer loyalty programs, up-sell or suggest related items, and offer Accounts Receivable or a full layaway program, all through one footwear point of sale or wholesale system.

Take your Footwear store to the next level

NCR Counterpoint Retail POS for Footwear Stores

  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Inventory Sales Enhancement Tools
  • Special Order Management
  • Integrated E-Mail Marketing
  • Integrated PO Module
  • SMS Text Alerts
  • eCommerce Integration to NCR Counterpoint SQL POS
  • Transfers
  • Searchable Inventory Categories
  • Customer Retention and Management
  • API and Custom Integrations
  • G/L Integrations
  • Data Import and Export Capabilities
  • Point of Sale Checkout
  • Layaway, Orders and Holds
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales History
  • Merchandising Reporting
  • Inventory and Alert Automation
  • Digital Marketing Extensions