NCR Counterpoint SQL Retail Store POS System

Formerly Radiant Systems, NCR CounterPoint SQL Enterprise allows you to configure and control nearly every aspect of your system. Change the layout of your Ticket Entry screens or the criteria of your filters. Set up your own pricing schemes with rule-based pricing. Manage your inventory your way, with alternate units and unlimited categories. Define profiles for your items, customers, and vendors. Track the information that’s important to you and your business.

Counterpoint Retail Point of Sale System

NCR CounterPoint SQL Enterprise expands with your retail business, allowing you to add features as you need them. Options like Advanced Pricing, Receivables, A/R charge customers, serialized inventory tracking, and serial numbers add support for additional pricing levels.

CP-Commerce provides integrated e-commerce, allowing you to expand to the web and integrate your online sales with your CounterPoint SQL Enterprise database. Multi-Site allows you to operate multiple stores and manage information at all your locations. No matter how big your business gets, CounterPoint SQL Enterprise delivers consistent performance across your entire organization..

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Swift Installation & User friendly - NCR Counterpoint Retail POS

In the retail industry one of the main challenges is being able to manage your entire inventory according to color, size, and other attributes. With our retail store POS system you can easily manage this data with the three dimensional grid for inventory, reporting, and ordering. Do you need to view and transfer items from one store to another?
Our Retail POS system makes this process easy so you don’t miss out on any sales opportunities due to a size or color your particular store does not have in stock. Expanding your retail store to the web is another option our POS system provides through our CP-Commerce software. This ensures you don’t miss out on any potential sales. In addition, our retail store POS system handles special orders, back orders, and layaway.

One Inventory Management System, Online & In-Store. Counterpoint Retail POS.

The best inventory, point of sale system, and devices for the retail sector.

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS Software Devices

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS Software (Devices)

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS System is the most complete Retail POS system available. Including Secure EMV Payments Solutions for credit/debt card, built in gift cards and Loyalty cards. A retail & wholesale POS software that works for all industries.

Counterpoint Retail POS System is the most complete Retail Management System available.

You can sell in-store, online, and on your iPad or iPhone from one inventory.

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS Software Devices

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS Software

Counterpoint Retail is a full-featured point of sale (POS) register system, inventory management software, and hardware solution for retail point of sale and wholesale companies. CounterPoint SQL provides one centralized database for your in store and online e-commerce.

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NCR Counterpoint SQL Retail Store POS System Features

  • Point of Sale Checkout

    Fast, easy to learn, and easy to use. Includes optional touch screen, fast (2-second) credit card authorizations, and numerous currencies.

  • Reporting

    Monitor trends with six-week sales analysis. Print activity reports for specified periods. Daily exception reports monitor your voids, price overrides, etc. Analyze item sales history and know what is selling and what isn’t.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Know who your customers are and what they like to buy with Customer Connect. For special promotions you can print mailing labels, track customers favorite brands, birthdays etc., with user-defined profile fields. Help increase loyalty with store credits, gift cards, charge sales, and more.

  • Inventory Control

    Decrease or eliminate shrinkage, stock outs, stock discrepancies, highest and lowest selling products, and track the movement of inventory. Track profit margins, item costs, and serial numbers. Automate direct store deliveries and stock replenishment.

  • eCommerce

    Upload customers, inventory, and prices to your online store where you can download customers orders to your POS for fulfillment.

  • Item Grids

    Stock a single item style in multiple colors and size. Each size/color may have unique bar codes and you can price each color/size as you wish (i.e. maybe you want to charge a bit more for “oversize” or special colors).

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